mj_002(13K) Photographer Martin Jurgeit

At age four Martin's dad took him into his darkroom and showed him how he developed B&W glass plates. Under a weak green safe-light Martin observed the magic of the emerging negative. That was the beginning.


On his photographic journey Martin has made images in many formats, from 35 mm to 4x5. He has won awards in numerous competitions. For decades he has worked in his own darkroom with equipment from Zone VI Studios. As the quality of the digital medium has reached the level of the chemical process, Martin makes images mainly with his D-SLR.

For inspiration Martin draws on the artistry of, among others, Ansel Adams, Freeman Patterson and Peter van Rhijn. Another activity, which complements his photography, is making music. For over 25 years he played the violin with the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra. He still makes music with his friends in a chamber setting.

Visit Martin's website, JurgeitPhoto.com